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FDHS Library News Volume 1 Issue 14


  • The next Student Reading Club will meet on Friday, December 11
  • We will possibly offer a staff book club (for PD) beginning in January. Let me know if you're interested in this. It would meet once a month after school.
  • The network team continues to work to make our wireless the best it can be. Be patient with the wireless but also be sure to let me know of repeated issues!

Tech Tidbit: Online Research Skills Students Need (from Scholastic)

Scholastic has some great tips for helping students become better researchers!

  1. Check the source - Kids are smart generally smart enough to know that they can't believe everything they read online but that doesn't mean that they take the time to evaluate their sources either! Discuss as a class how to evaluate a resource using something like the C.R.A.P. test!
  2. Ask good questions - This really means creating better search terms so that students don't have to wade through the MILLIONS of resources out there online. Discuss with students how to create better search terms. Create a lesson that looks at just how many hits you get with those generic terms!
  3. Dig deeper - Students often stop with the first search engine result, deeming it the best. Find ways to encourage students to compile data from multiple sources. You may have to set specific requirements for this at first, such as requiring 10 different sources.
  4. Patience - Students today live in a world of on-demand information. Help guide students to do better research by looking through data on questions that aren't "Google-able." (Opinion questions work well for this!)
  5. Respect ownership - Piracy and plagiarism seems to become more and more common all the time. Make a lesson on this personal somehow so that they can start to connect the dots. How would it feel not to get paid for, say, office work?
  6. Use your networks - Talk to students about the positive ways that social media networks could be used for research. Are you looking into your family's history? Are you conducting surveys about popular culture? Are you researching opinions about current events?

Featured Books: YA Choice Titles

YA Choice!

Remember - students have the opportunity to vote on YA Choice titles to help choose which books appear on a nationally recognized list of the best books for teens!


What is Black Monday?

*Know the answer? Come to the Media Center to claim a prize. :)

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