Back In Time With Pythagoras!

Come on a adventure to the past to uncover Pythagoras!

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Math Contributions

Pythagores is well know for creating the pythagorean theorem that states two squares on the leg (ab) equal the area of the square. He also created the music scale. He was bright enough to find the relashionship between music and numbers. Not only that pythagores was a philosopher and very religious.

Profile and Biography

Pythagores was born in Samos in 570 b.c and died in 495 b.c. His parents were Pythais and Mnesarchus. He got married at the age of 61 to a young women named Theano. They had 4 children.
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Pythagoras was one of the most brilliant minded person to ever walk this earth. HIs education leave was obviously high. His information about schooling is a bit unclear but what we do know is that he went to Musica Universails to study music. Pythagoras was influenced by Thales, Anaximander, and Rherecydes.


He got the Pythagorean award and wrote some articles.
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Pythagoras has had a huge impact to our world. His talented mind made us think about math in a whole new way. He helped us understand that math can have relationships with not just itself but with also music, science, and philosophy. Without Pythagoras there would not be a Pythagorean Theorem. There would not be a music scale that shows connections between math and music. Math would not be the same as it is now. Not only was Pythagoras a great mathematician he was also a very religious person. He was the founder of the religion Pythagoreanism. These type of people believed in the concept of souls. Thus, Pythagoras has had a huge impact on our world
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