The Industrial Age

Allison Daigle

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Andrew Carnegie

Who: Andrew Carnegie was a Scottish American industrial list who led the enormous expansion of the American steel industry.

What: Andrew led the steel company. Biggest company in USA. Andrew became the richest man ever!

When: He led the company in 1835 November 25

Where: Andrew was the richest man in the 19th century

Why: Andrew carnage was important to us because he was the first person to Lead the first steel company

MLA: 2-10-14

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Thomas Edison

Who: Thomas Alva Edison, an American inventor and businessman.

What: He developed many devices that greatly influenced our life's.

When: February 11, 1847.

Where: late 18th century.

Why: Thomas Edison invented the light bulb so we can have light.

MLA: 2-10-14

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The great railroad strike of 1877

Who: The great railroad strike of 1877, also referred as the great up heavily

What: the great railroad was an out breaks in numberless cities of violence against railroads.

When: Martinsbrug West Virginia

Where: July 14 1877

Why: People didn't like the railroads.

MLA: 2-10-14

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The Union Pacific railroad

Who: the Union Pacific railroad is the largest railroad network I'm United States.

What: The railroad helps people get around. It has more than 44,000 employees, more then 8,000 locomotives runs through 31,900 miles.

When: late 18th century.

Where: The railroad goes through 23 states west of Chicago.

Why: They built this railroad to help people get around.

MLA: 2-10-14