Scotland Daily News

By: Jordan Pitt

Banquo Found Dead In Burnham Woods

Yesterday morning a man reported that he found Banquo dead while walking through Burnham Woods. He had many deep cuts on his face and was almost unrecognizable. Apparently he was on his way to Macbeth's banquet when he was knocked off of his horse and stabbed. Banquo was a great general. He is being inducted into the general hall of fame.

Macbeth's Condition

At Macbeth's banquet, yesterday, while a man was leading Macbeth too his seat, he freaked out and started to scream. No one remembers exactly what he said, but he was terrified. Lady Macbeth explained to the attendants that it was a condition, and it happened often. Everyone at the banquet had to leave immediately. What other strange things do we not know about Macbeth?