Russia newsletter

by Tamara Baker


  • Chernobyl is in the country of Ukraine.

  • Power plant that exploded and caught on fire.


April 26,1986 the Chernobyl exploded which led to a radioactive cloud.

  • Contamination: means that a type of food is unsafe to eat or touch.

  • Fallout: means very small things that fall into the atmosphere.

  • Half-Life: means in time that life decreases.

The Beginning of Serfdom

  • Serfs: are people that own no land.

  • Strikes: means stops working.

  • Communism: is a single party that the government controls.

  • Socialism: a system in which the government controls.

  • Collective Farms: people who produced a certain amount of food.

The Soviet Collapse

  • Perestroika: (restructure)

  • Glasnost: (openness)

  • Autonomy: determined control themselves.

  • Coup: An overthrow that the government controlled.

  • The Soviet Union formed in 1922. Then suddenly the soviet union had very little food and money. Became unfamous.

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Soviet Union Callapse