Mice eating grain crops

By: Daniel Singh


Could the death of three Barn Owls cause all the crop damage report at Kruger farm?

What's happened so far

Mr. Kruger has been having some trouble with his crops at his farm. He said how his bean crops have been hard hit and aren't growing because mice keep digging into the soil and eating the seeds.


We are going to dissect owl pellets to see what they consume to see if mice are part of their diet.

What we did in the investigation

We took owl pellets and dissected them with forceps. We used the forceps to carefully extract bones from the pellets. We then compared the bones to bones of animals and identified what animals the owl ate based on our observations.
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Based on the data we collected, we discovered that the owls eat a lot of rodents and mice. We know that if we have barn owls, then they will eat the rodents and mice that are eating the seeds and destroying the crops.


Based on our findings, we can say the death of the barn owls can cause the crop damage since there is no consumer of the mice and rodents causing the crop damage.


Our data was generated through the dissecting of owl pellets. We are able to identify the animals eaten by the barn owls, and those animals were rodents and mice. This is important because we can say that if we have more barn owls and keep them alive, then they will be able toe at the mice that are destroying the crops!