Luis Ramos

Environmental Study Project


The warmest month in Orlando, FL is July and the coolest month is January And june is the most rainy month. The highest temperature in Orlando, FL was in 1921 and it was 103 F also the lowest temperature in Orlando Fl, is 18 degrees. Orlando's average temperature is about 73%. When the temperature is too hot or too cold people can get sick from these weathers.

Natural Disasters

there have been 3 major tornadoes occurrences In 2007 there was severe storms,tornados and flooding.2003 there have been severe stroms and 2005 hurricane wilma happened.


the founder of orlando was james speer

in 1875 with 85 inhabitants, 22 of whom were qualified voters.By 1840, a small community had grown up around the Fort. It was known as Jernigan, named after the Jernigan family, who had established the first permanent settlement in the area. Jernigan had a post office, established May 30th, 1850.


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Florida is home to an amazing array of fish, wildlife, and the habitats in which they live and thrive. With over 700 terrestrial animals, more than 200 freshwater fish, more than 1,000 marine fish, numerous other aquatic and marine vertebrates, and many thousands of terrestrial insects and other invertebrates, Florida literally is teeming with wildlife.These multitudes of species are dependent upon the highly productive natural habitats of Florida, ranging from the tropical coral reefs of the Keys and the magnificent Everglades "river of grass" to the awe-inspiring array of first-magnitude springs and the quiet beauty of the rolling sandhills.


With some of the world’s most creative theme park settings like universal studios, it’s not a surprise.Orlando has a local arts scene. From the best of independent film at the Florida Film Festival to fine museums, cultural options in Orlando offer a mix of traditional and modern entertainment for visitors.

Overall Reflection

the community makes up all of these stuff become one thing.I dislike crime because the population will decrease.When all this happens it makes up Florida.When disasters happens there is always something out of it that can make our community better.

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