SUNY Empire State College

State University of New York


Empire State College is one of the thirteen Arts & Sciences colleges scattered throughout New York State! ESC is located in the small suburban area of Saratoga Springs.

(A 3 hour drive away or a 55 minute flight away from Manhattan!)

So close to Manhattan that they even have a building located in Manhattan!


There are 11,827 currently enrolled at ESC!

Even though it does have a fairly large population, the campus itself is relatively small.

(It is New York, so expect things to be quite squished together!)

ESC is for everyone

Any religion/ethnicity/gender is welcome at SUNY Empire State College!

The environment is also a snug fit in the modern world, with the college being located in an urban town close to big-name cities.

Another quality to help it ease into the modernized society, ESC actually has a large majority of their classes online, to help students who cannot make it to the campus.

The best 4-year Public School in New York!

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Campus Life

We offer no on-campus housing, so you are free to live where you please.

ESC offers no clubs, organizations, or athletics, there is only academics.

Because of the lack of housing, there is no need for a meal plan.

There is, however, a library on campus, as well as academic/career counseling. Even though you will not be living on-campus, it will sure seem like it!