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The 411 from 700 Gulf Road

April 20th to April 24th

Happy Monday. This starts the second week of the fourth quarter. I received many email last week. Thank you to those parents and students who reached out. Last week was a period of acclimation. Teachers are reaching out to students through a variety of platforms, most of them through some type of google.

When turning in work please use google classroom. Sending a picture to a teacher eats up our bandwidth and floods our system. Please download it into google classroom or send it in a google doc.

If at any time you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to myself or Mr. Grossman. We understand that these can be difficult times and are here to help in anyway needed.

Curriculum Calendars

Last week we sent out a google form to see if you wanted a hard copy of the Curriculum Calendar. Some people thought the hard copy meant that all the work was printed out, this is not the case as it would take many, many sheets of paper.

If you would like a hard copy of the curriculum, we still have some available. Please swing by Northwood on Tuesday or Thursday from 9:45 to 10:45. Do not come after 10:45 as we will be starting to line up for food pickup.

Here is the link to the curriculum calendars:

Virtual Office Hours

Just a reminder that our staff members will be available during the day to answer questions and help students. This can take on many forms like participating in Zoom rooms, connecting on Google classroom, sharing information on google docs, etc. Below is a list of the times they are having "office hours". If your student or you have questions outside these hours, please feel free to email them as all staff will be checking email multiple times throughout the day.

Name followed by office hours

Mrs. Adams 12-2

Ms. Aguinaga 9 -11

Mr. Arno 10-12

Mrs. Banjoff 10-12

Mr. Basinski 8-10

Mr. Behrendt 10-12

Miss Bevelacqua 10-12

Mr. Black 12-2

Mr. Bloomfield 12-2

Mr.. Burnett 9-11

Mrs. Chachko 9-11

Mr. Chizmar 8-10

Mr. Cseh 10-12

Miss Davis 12-2

Mr. Diedrick 10-12

Mr. Grossman 8-10

Miss Jahnigen 11-1

Mrs. Johnson 9-11

Mr. Kemmett 10-12

Mrs. Kolenda 2-4

Mrs. Kopp 10-12

Mr. Kostalnick 9-11

Mrs. Kothe 8-10

Mrs. Krysinski 12-2

Mrs. Lawrence 11-1

Mrs. Manion 10-12

Mrs. Marzec 8-10

Mr. McGeehen 10-12

Mrs. Montgomery 10-12

Mrs. Null 9-11

Mrs. Price 10-12

Mr. Quinn 8-10

Ms. Russell 11-1

Miss Saddler 1-3

Mr. Smith 10-12

Mrs. Tessaro 10-12

Mrs. VK 8-10

Mrs. Ward 8-9, 1-2

Mrs. Williams 2-4

Mr. Wise 10-12

Mrs. Yearley 12-2

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the new Northwood school on time to open in the fall of 2020?

Yes, as of right now the new Northwood Campus is scheduled to open in September.

I thought buses were to drop the work and calendars off.

The buses dropped off the calendars for elementary, not secondary.

Are you handing out computers?

Unfortunately we are not. Elyria City Schools has partnered with an organization call PCs for People. Mr. Basinski helps pass out computers but has no influence on who gets a refurbished computer. Registrations are taken at or by calling 216-777-4441.

Expanded Food Service Hours

Aramark Food Service and Elyria Schools are providing free meals to all children 18 years and younger on Tuesdays and Thursdays according to the schedule listed here: