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This Week in Band at PMMS (Sept 8-11, 2020)

"If I had more time, I would have written less."

Have you heard this quote by Mark Twain before? I'm guessing that you might be buried in information regarding the beginning of the school year right now! My colleagues and I have been working hard to streamline things as much as possible in an effort to make a smooth transition into this school year.

Thank you for coming to the Marsh Material Pick-up Days! It was great seeing many of you. All materials have been picked up or mailed out. We are THRILLED to start working with your young musicians again and promise to provide a world-class music education to them. After reading this information, please reach out if you still have questions!


PMMS Band Team

Where Can We Find Information About Band This Year?


1. This newsletter will be sent every Sunday afternoon. It will contain the plan for the week, updates on classwork, and special events or opportunities.

2. Our PMMS Band Website will have weekly lesson plans, resources, links, and our weekly lesson schedule. I will also keep links to all of our newsletters on this website if you ever need to look for something shared previously but lost it in your inbox. Consider the website as the "go to" place to find out information this year.

FAQs To Get The Year Started

Q: When Does Band Meet?
​A: 6th and 7th grade band members will meet M, T, TH, F each week for class during their elective period. (See Schedule Below) Students will also have a scheduled 15 minute private lesson each week as well.

Q: What if my child is in two music classes?
A: IF a student is in Choir & Band they will do Choir on A days and Band on B days**IF a student is in Choir & Orchestra they will do Choir on A days and Orch on B days**
IF a student is in Band & Orchestra they will do Band on A days and Orch on B days**

**Remember - A Days will always be Monday, Thursday, B Days will always be Tuesday, Friday

Q: Will my child get another elective choice other than music?
A: Not while we are doing distance learning first quarter. More information will come out about the schedule and what options will exist as we approach the end of the first quarter and/or when we pivot to in-person learning.

Q: Will my child have a band lesson?
A: Yes! Your child is already scheduled for a weekly 15 minute band lesson! These lessons are a requirement of this class and more importantly, they represent the best way for us to assess and help your child! If your child's lesson time does not work, please contact us to arrange for a make up lesson or to move to a new time. Here is the link to the LESSON SCHEDULE. Lessons will begin the week of Sept. 14.

Q: What will take place on the first days of school in band?

A: Your child should report to their scheduled band class on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday as indicated on their schedule. Students will not need their instrument on Tuesday but should have it on Thursday and Friday. Zoom links to these classes will be shared below, on the lesson schedule, as well as on Google Classroom. Lessons will not begin next week, HOWEVER, we are offering extra help lessons from 1:30-3:00 PM Tuesday through Friday. Students simply need to click on Mr. Gleason's Zoom Link during that time to receive help.

Q: What are the Zoom Links for the band staff?

Q: What Zoom Link does my child use?

A: If your child is in 6th grade band they will use Mrs. Haraldson's link during their band class. If your child is in 7th grade band they will use Mr. Gleason's link during their band class. As for lessons, you will need to consult the band lesson schedule to find who your child has for lessons and click the correct link a few minutes before his/her lesson.

Q: Are there special procedures regarding Zoom?

A: YES! Check out this slideshow about Zoom Expectations. However, here are a few specific expectations for Zoom band lessons:

  1. Warm-up 5 minutes BEFORE lesson.
  2. Have music and supplies ready.
  3. Use a music stand and sit on a hard chair.
  4. Be in a quiet space (if possible) with a good connection.
  5. Close other tabs on your device.
  6. Use a microphone if you have one.
  7. Use FIRST and LAST name on Zoom to gain entry.

Q: What is the attendance policy for band class and lessons?
A: Students are expected to show up for all classes and lessons. Attendance will be taken in every class and lesson.
Present= Evidence of student participation in class
Absent=no evidence of participation

Q: What do we do if my child will be absent for a class or a lesson?
A: Contact the student's music teacher immediately via email. The student will need to complete any missed work in class or reschedule the missed lesson. If an email is not sent and no evidence of participation is seen then the student will be marked absent.

Q: How will my child be assessed?
A: Assessment is an opportunity for the learner and the teacher to reflect on standards achieved, past progress and future goals. We believe that it is important for our learners to self-reflect and evaluate their own growth. We will work with them to provide you with information regarding their progress. Look for more information on this in the future!

Q: What happens if my child's instrument stops working?
A: Contact a band music teacher and we will help solve that problem!

Q: How is band class different from the band lesson?
A: Band class will be a time to learn more about skills, knowledge, literacy, and connections in music. Lessons will really focus on building music skills on the instrument itself.

Q: How will students know what has been assigned each week?
A: Weekly lesson plans will be posted on the website as well as in Google Classroom.

Q: Will we have concerts or performances?
A: The future is a bit uncertain, however, our hope is that we will be able to hold an "in-person" concert or to record a concert for broadcast yet this year. Regardless, we have plans for some exciting virtual experiences and will be prepared to pivot!

Q: How do I order more supplies or reeds?

A: Just head to the Ward Brodt online store to order anything you need. Supply lists can be found on our website or just ask!

Q: Who do I contact if I still have questions?

A: 6th Grade - Mrs. Haraldson, 7th Grade- Mr. Gleason

Weekly Band Schedule

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Saxophone Interest Form (7th Band Only)

We typically start several students on saxophone at the end of 6th grade. Unfortunately we were unable to do this due to the COVID shutdown last year. I would still like to go ahead and start students on saxophone at the beginning of this school year. If your child is interested in saxophone please fill out the attached interest form. Deadline is Sept 11


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