Welcome to the tropical Fiji!!!!!

The Basics of Fiji

The location for Fiji lies in the Western Pacific Ocean and it is South West of Hawaii. The weather in Fiji is fair the average temperature is 76.9 degrees. Fiji has 2 major season, one of the seasons is the wet season which is from November through April and the dry but mild season is from June to October.The climate in Fiji is warm and tropical. Fiji has many physical characteristics like there are 322 volcanic islands that compose the Fiji islands and there are reefs and crystal clear water and it has a wide variety of mountains and tropical forests.

How to fit in at the Fiji islands!

Fijians speak English and Fijian so they sort of fit in already. Like all cultures they also have folkways , their marriages are arranged by the father and mother for the daughter or son. Fijians have interpersonal relationships and social behavior are governed by Kinships. Fijians also have a strong sense of respect and community. Fijians also have some taboos like do not show up to a village with out and invitation and never question the chiefs decision, do not wear a hats or caps in the villages , and never ever touch their head or hair because their head is sacred to them. The values of Fijians are you should share and care for one another which is a very basic value of Fijians. The way you speak to Fijians determines if your being respectful or disrespectful to them. Those are just some ways to fit into Fijian culture.

Digging Deeper into Fijian Culture

Fiji has many different cultures in there country like Fijian, European, Chinese, and Indian and other nationalities. Fiji has a cultural landscape like the U.S.A. they have roadways, waterways, airports, Merchant marine ports, and terminal. Fijians houses are made out of wood and concrete blocks, almost all the houses have electricity and piped water supply systems. There are also evidence of cultural diffusion the country is know diversifies into small scale industries. The economy is strong and revenues provided public utilities, more medical services and schooling. There is also evidence of cultural change in Fiji new species of animals and plants are popping up from the rain forests and ocean. Fiji is a majestic place its tropical and adventurous so come and visit us here in Fiji.