Red wolf



  • mix of grey and red fur
  • mammel
  • 50-80 pounds, 4-5 in length
  • 26 inches in length
  • reddish ears and back legs

Food Chain and Habitat

  • carnivore
  • hunts racoons, white-deer, and rabbits
  • lives in the southeast region of the U.S.
  • terrian-mountains, lowland, and wetlands
  • home-den


  • shed once a year for the weather
  • can survive a heart worm infection

Reasons of Endangerment

  • Gun shots
  • Death by car
  • Illegal killings
  • Climate change

critical information

  • In 1970 the population was under 100
  • In 1980 the red wolf was declared extinct in the wild with a small number in captivity
  • The U.S. fish and wildlife service started a captive breeding program