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Erica - Your karmic direction in life

We each have a pair of karmic nodes in our birth chart which show us an important area our soul wants us to develop in.

The North Node represents our soul's goal in this lifetime whereas the South Node represents what we should do less of - it's more about our past, early life or where we fall back to as a comfort zone.

Erica, your karmic direction is Capricorn

This set up indicates a tendency to be overly attached to childhood and past, to be dependent on others and avoid accepting responsibility for our lives, to fear rejection to an extreme thereby missing opportunities, and to be overly focused on emotional problems.

With this position, we need to take charge of our lives and accept responsibility for our actions. We may too easily blame our past or focus on our insecurities and emotional difficulties instead of moving forward and learning to depend on ourselves.

We want to feel secure more than anything, but security can only come once we let go of our dependencies and carve out a life that reflects a true feeling of responsibility to ourselves as well as to others. We are more aware of our emotions than most people, but in order to grow, we must learn to strike a balance between sensitivity and responsibility.

By defining solid goals and a mature direction in our lives, as well as letting go of some of our over-attachment to our childhood, we will be able to achieve the financial and emotional security that we so crave.

Here's some tips on applying this advice copied from Michelle Fallis's The Nodes.

  • Time to leave the nest.
  • Time to break out of the comfy, cozy, insular family environment and make a name for yourself out in the world.
  • Time to toughen up and face reality.
  • Time to hold back the tears and overcome insecurities as you set higher goals for yourself.
  • Becoming an ambitious go-getter.
  • Becoming more concerned with practical worldly affairs rather than familiar, emotional relationships.
  • Learning to discipline yourself when it comes to the achievements you want to make.
  • Learning to set realistic, achievable expectations for yourself.
  • Learning to measure your success against outer, worldly standards.
  • Becoming less enmeshed in family-rooted insecurities.
  • Beginning to claim your authority out in the professional world.
  • Becoming known as a professional.
  • Learning to put your “game face” on.
  • Never letting them see you sweat when it comes to business negotiations and your reputation.
  • Building a public identity as someone who is reliable, hard working and tough as nails.
  • Letting go of the inner baby who threatens your success.
  • Letting go of the private insecurities that prevent you from achieving your aspirations.

Life purpose crystal trinity - based on your first name

Another useful overview of our direction in life is found in our life purpose crystals, which are based on our first name. They show us our key shadow energy, human level purpose and higher soul purpose (see for more info).

Your shadow crystal represents a key weakness that the ego uses to distract you from your life purpose and thus higher purpose. You can work to master it.

Your life purpose crystal is the goal you have chosen for your human level self - the reason you are here and what you may offer others.

Your higher purpose crystal is the goal of the higher soul. You master it more and more based on your ability to carry your human level purpose though your heart and spirituality. People will be attracted to you for your higher purpose crystal's energies.

You can take these as liquid crystal drops over 21 days to work with them more deeply. Having the physical stones around is good too, as is gazing at the symbols.