Bilingual/ESL News & Updates

August 2013 School Year

Welcome to our Team!

The school year is up and running and many teachers have already spent some time at their campus! With so many exciting changes and improvements this year, the school district continues to show how we are "relentless in the pursuit of educational excellence"!

Taylor ISD Resources

Please visit the site to explore all of the great resources that the district has to offer. This is also a great place to look at the district calendar to see what district events are coming up!

Check out my links at under the Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Tab to find a plethora of useful links for ELL teachers!

TISD Bilingual Program Transition Guide

TISD Bilingual Program Transition Guide Grades PK-5

Please read the description for application on the 5th grade guide (in Orange) for further clarification.