17.2: Rise of Dictatorial Regimes

By: Aaron Billington

What is the NEP (New Economic Policy)?

The New Economic Policy was a modified version of the old capitalist system. The new policy gave the citizens of Russia more freedom. For example, peasants could sell their own produce openly and run stores with less than 20 workers managing themselves. Although, heavy industry, banking, and mines were still managed by the government. In 1922, Lenin formed the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). By this point the revived market and good harvest, set up by the NEP, brought an end to the famine in Russia. Although the NEP saved Russia from economic collapse it was only intended to be a temporary retreat from the goals of communism.

Why you should support the NEP (New Economic Policy)?

To end famine in Russia, there is only one way to do this. That would be the NEP or the New Economic Plan. Lenin came up with this because he wants to get away from communism for a bit so Russia can become stable again. This is going to give all of the citizens of Russia more freedom than ever before. No need to hide your crops now, no, now you can end the widespread famine here in Russia.Also, you get to keep your crops and sell them openly. If you own a small retail store with less than 20 employees, the NEP is perfect for your store. Not only will you call the shots, your store also will not be managed by the government. Say goodbye to communism and say hello the NEP.