Simon bolivar

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His legacy

the historical relevance of Bolivar as a key element during the process of independence in Hispanic America, his memory has been strongly attached to sentiments of nationalism and patriotism, being a recurrent theme of rhetoric in politics, more notably in Venezuela. For instance, the left-wing political movement led by Hugo Chávez in Venezuela makes the memory, image and writing legacy of Bolívar an important part of its political message and agenda from a socialist perspective.[34][35]Since the image of Bolívar became an important part to the national identities of Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia, his mantle is often claimed by Hispanic American politicians all across the political spectrum.[36][b] Bolivia and Venezuela (the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela) are both na

Simon bolivar

Following the triumph over the Spanish monarchy, Bolívar participated in the foundation of the first union of independent nations in Hispanic-America, a republic, now known as Gran Colombia, of which he was president from 1819 to 1830. Bolívar is regarded as a hero, visionary, revolutionary, and liberator in Hispanic-America.

During his lifetime, he led Venezuela,Colombia (including Panama at the time),Ecuador, Peru (together with Don José de San Martín), and Bolivia to independence from the Spanish Empire. Admirers claim that he helped lay the foundations for democracyin much of Latin America.

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