Programs available for SHS

List of the programs and passwords

Brain Pop

The username for Brain Pop is: semhs
The password is: shspop
BrainPop is an animated, curricular content that engages students, helps introduce new topics and illustrates complex concepts.

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Safari Montage

Digital Media content for schoool. The leading distributor of PBS material.

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Discovery Education

If this is the first time using the site:
Type 621 C 731 B in the passcode/new user screen
Then you will be able to complete the registration process.
Discovery Education offers engaging, standards-aligned rich media to interactive digital textbooks, our world-class content takes students beyond the classroom

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Explorelearning - Gizmos

Gizmos are online simulatons that help students understand concepts in science and math.

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My Access

My Access is an online pre-writing,organization, writing, and assessment tool for English.

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