Fourth Grade News

For the week of December 21

This week's focus

Due to school cancellation on Friday, we will be creating our Christmas ornaments Monday morning and delivering them to the police station on Wednesday morning.

Monday is crazy clothes day (ugly sweater day)

Tuesday is twin day

Wednesday is school colors day (purple and white)

Partner reading - looking for the theme in a text, taking notes to support the theme, and then discussing these findings with your partner

Individual reading - realistic fiction - taking notes to determine theme using details to support

Writing - creative writing (elf letters and other holiday writing ideas)

Math - assessment on Monday and introducing convertions (cm, m, km)

Spelling test will be Tuesday (Make up from Friday)

Upcoming dates to remember

There will be NO extra math help this week

Monday, December 21 - math test

Tuesday, December 22 - spelling test

Wednesday, December 23 - walking to the police station to deliver ornaments

Thursday, January 7 - book club (2:30 to 3:30)

Education in Action

Squeaky-clean Award

This week Kaylee was our Squeaky-clean Award winner. She has continued to keep a neat and orderly desk consistently throughout the year. No matter when I check inside her desk, it is always organized. Obviously, Kaylee is very conscientious of her work space, and I am very proud of her. Keep it up Kaylee! (Sorry about the photo bombers! They are very difficult to stop!!)

Student of the Week

Lily was our student of the week. She inspires to be a professional soccer player when she grows up, and I sure hope her dream comes true. Her favorite color is blue, her favorite subject is gym, and her favorite book is Junie B Jones. She also has a dog named Skirtel. Lily is a quiet and kind girl who gives 110 percent in school. I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about Lily.
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Have a wonderful winter break!! See you all in 2016!