Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman's life

Harriet's young life to early teenage years

Harriet as a kid was called Minty. Minty lived with Old Rit and her father Ben. She played with the other kids until she was seven then she was sent off to work at a weavers house.She got sick there and she was sent back home. Then she was sent to miss Susan's house to work there. She was whipped every time the baby cried. Soon she ran away and she was whipped when she got back to miss Susan's house. Then she was sent back home and nursed because she had been whipped terribly. Later that year Minty watched a slave escape and was hit in the head by a two pound weight. She would have a scar from it forever. Then she was never called Minty again only Harriet.

Harriet's teenage years to early adult hood

Harriet and her father were hired out to another farm. Ben showed Harriet how to walk in the woods without making a sound. She became very good at it. Soon her temporary master saw that she was as strong as a regular man. She was ordered to haul a boat load of rocks with her as she walked along the river side when ever there were gust over. The gust loved it. Harriet soon fell in love with a free black man named John. They got married and she went to live with him. she to runaway but her brothers brought her back. John threatened to tell the Master if she runaway.

Harriet's life after she was a slave

Harriet runaway from John and she made it North safely. She went back to the south many times and helped hundreds of slaves become free. People looked up to her and they came in big crowds to here her speak of her life and her speak of her time on the railroad. She was a well known figure in the North and the South.