Captains' Log

September 19 - 23, 2016

Mini-School 2016 - 2017

Thank you all for attending mini-school this year. I know all of us on Team Enterprise enjoyed meeting each of you. For those of you unable to attend, please let us know if you have any question. Enjoy the picture below!

Captain Weston - Science

Our Field Trip is Coming Soon!!

Monday: Begin astronomy unit with study on electromagnetic spectrum

Tuesday: Vocabulary log; waves notes

Wednesday/Thursday: EMS flipbook with online textbook

Friday: EMS flipbook due; Doppler Gizmo

REMINDER: Student permission forms for the field trip to the Perot Museum are due by October 14. Parent chaperone forms will be given to students on Tuesday, 9/20 and are due by October 7.

Captain Daurio - US History

Monday: Mayflower Compact gallery walk.

Tuesday: 13 Colonies Intro

Wed/Thurs: Regions of colonies

Friday: Colonial government.

Captain McCorkle -ELA

We had our first Philosophical Phriday and the kids did great expressing and defending their positions! We will continue to work on our Letters to the Author this week. The letters are DUE FRIDAY, SEPT. 23. We will actually mail/e-mail our letters on that day. What an exciting day in ELA!!

The slide show I shared at Mini- School is in your student's Google Drive. Here are instructions for accessing this file.

1. (Your student can log on here with their id number and KISD password)

2. Click on Google Drive (the login is your student's KISD e-mail and their regular KISD password.)

3. Click on Shared with me and look for a folder with your student's class period and their name. This is where I put all of their ELA information. They may have already moved this folder into their Google Drive. This is where they will type all of their papers and where I will upload any handouts they need.

Remind 101 Instructions:

Text the code that corresponds to your student's class period to 810-10

1st - @6677k

2nd -@ 2fa9bh

3rd - @hh26bd

4th - @67h49

5th - @a7f64g

7th - @kcdh8g

Donors Choose - Thank you all for supporting my Green Collaboration project for two Chrome Books. They both arrived today - WOW! That was fast! My goal is to get a total of thirty Chrome Books so each student will have one every day. I have twenty-two thanks to this project. I've started another project, this time for four. Please pass this information on to anyone you know who might be interested. Again, thank you all for your amazing support! The link below will take you to my Donors Choose page. Have a great weekend!

KMS Yearbook Information

**This is your last chance to get four free icons with personalization!!!**

This promotion ends today, 9/16!

Please see the attached flyer for this last chance opportunity!

Yearbooks will still be available, but this is your last chance for this special offer!

Thank you for your support!



Monday – Review Game (2.1-2.4)

Tuesday – Review (2.1-2.4)

Wed./Thurs. – Test (2.1-2.4)

Friday – 2.5 Weighted Averages

*It appears Chrome is the preferred browser to access the Algebra online textbook. Please let me know if your student is having any issue logging on.

**Just a quick reminder, students must show work on the homework assignments in order to receive credit. The assignment will be considered late if no work is shown.

Have a great weekend! Go Longhorns J

Ms. Baker


Academic (Tarpenning, Stair)

Monday – 11.2 Equations with Rational Numbers

Tuesday – Review 11.1 & 11.2

Wed/Thurs - Test 11.1 & 11.2

Friday – Intro to Inequalities

Academic (Snow/Alexander)

Monday-Review & work on Video project

Tuesday-Review & work on Video project

Wed/Thurs- TEST Sci Notation & Equations

Friday- Work on Video project