Ancient Mesopotamia

Ximena Hernandez

The wheel

The wheel is really important for farmers like me because it’s easier to carry stuff like that.A good way we make the wheel is to use boards and attaching them together.We also make them last longer by using copper.I use animals like Ox or Donkey to pull something heavy.Wheel carts are used to move stuff to build houses and other big buildings. Sailboats are also kinda used to carry stuff like goods.In case of flood we use canals to carry water back tot he river.But the wheel is more useful for farmers like me.

The interview

My name is Israel I am very important around here because i'm the king of Mesopotamia.My family is also important cause of they're royalty unlike the slaves.I have been the ruler for more than 20 years so they all know my rules if u don't follow them well goodbye for you cause you should know them by now. One of my very special skills is cutting heads off I know it sounds very disturbing but that what I do to the people that don't follow the rules.The generation of our family has been running down for a long time that's why i'm going to pass it down to my son Isaiah he is only 23 but I think he is ready.As well for my wife she has been doing this for way to long she can leave my daughter in charge for a while.

New inventions

The alphabet is the new invention it was borrowed by the Egyptians and the Babylonians.But we made it shorter to 22 letters.Each of the letters has it’s own meaning.We also made it easier to understand and to write.This made writing easier for people and we don’t need people to do it for us anymore.The Greek borrowed and it’s also based on the English alphabet.Coined money is another good invention cause we don’t need to trade stuff that we need.Before the coined money we depended on barter.We also don’t need to weigh silver when we trade good and stuff like that.The Lydians were the first people to use coined money.The Lydians first made coins out of gold and silver they were about the size of beans.