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An interview with Guliana Rancic

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The novel I chose to read for my biographical novel assignment was “Going off Script by Giuliana Rancic”. This novel was an autobiography written by Giuliana discussing her life and her career in journalism. After a move from Italy to the United States she was faced with many challenges, even a language barrier. She first found her ambition to be a journalist by watching a local news anchor. Thru many college changes she received her master’s degree in journalism and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. She was faced with many challenges, not only in her career but her personal health as well. She went thru many challenges with infertility, resulting in the need for a surrogate and has even survived breast cancer.

Q: How do you think being from Italy has affected you?

A: It definitely aided in shaping who I am today. Growing up in such a small town gave me the appreciation for the little things in life. It also helps remind me to take time to relax, like the lazy Sundays by the beach that I was raised with.

Q: How have your parents shaped who you are today?

A: My parents are two people who work hard. My father had to quit school at a young age to begin working and my mother had a simple start as well. They taught me the value of money and gave me a work ethic. They worked hard to become the successful people that they are today.

Q: Was it easy when your family uprooted their lives and moved to America?

A: It was very hard, especially because of the language barrier. I caught on faster than all of my family members because of my young age, but it was very difficult for my parents and siblings. Luckily my father entered as a talior at the perfect time in D.C., it was major culture but we knew coming was the right decisions.

Q: What first inspired you to work in journalism?

A: In second grade I began to watch a news anchor, Barbra Harrison on the local NBC affiliate. She spoke very well and was very informed and at that time in my life, that was something I was aspiring to be. While my parents were gone, working a lot and I hadn't made any friends yet, I counted on watching her each night and I knew that was what I wanted to be, a news anchor.

Q: When did you know you wanted to move to California to work in entertainment?

A: I think the realization came when I was working on finishing my degree. I was given the opportunity to attend a press conference with Senator Ted Kennedy, and while the other reporters were asking hard-hitting questions, I asked him what he liked to do for fun. He laughed and told me I belonged in Hollywood. That really confirmed it for me.

Q: Was it easy for you to get your start after moving to California?

A: Not in the least. When I arrived in Los Angeles I was sleeping in a creepy apartment with my sisters college roommate in a sketchy neighborhood. I earned $250 a week stuffing envelopes for a small talent manager. After over a year I started working in a mail room at the Artists Management Group. From there I worked up the ranks to being able to interview some people on the red carpet before getting hired at E!.

Q:Was there anyone who helped you when you first entered the industry?

A: Joan Rivers really helped me to get to where I am. Before I met her I was just lucky to be hosting a small part of the red carpet. When she tried to toss it over to me, she couldn't even pronounce my name. Once we started hosting events together we became good friends. She was the one to get me onto Fashion Police. Her recent death was very hard for me, as well as everyone at E!.

Q: What was the craziest experience you ever had working in the Industry?

A: One of the craziest was definitely filming the reality show. It was insane to have camera crews following Bill and I around all day, and to have viewers see into our lives. The camera crews were invading and tearing apart our home.

Q: Why did you decide to be so up front with your issues with breast cancer?

A: When I first found out I was terrified as to how it would effect my career. When I first left the appointment where I found out, I just drove straight to work. Thru it all I wanted to keep going with my life and my career. I felt the need to explain my absence to the network and our viewers. A lot of the time it feels like people in the public eye have very different lives, but I just wanted to be truthful to what I was going through.

Q:What made you decide to move your family to Chicago?

A: After having our son, Bill and I wanted to come back to the place that he grew up. It is less fast-paced then Los Angeles, but I can still work for E! and spend time in LA as needed. Its great to be near Bill's family and it a better place to raise our family.