Religion Project


About Christianity

The followers of Christianity are called Christians. A Christian's believe in God. Believing in God is the central belief in Christianity. God is seen in 3 beings-The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. The places of worship is a church. In a church, you learn about the teachings of God. The holidays or traditions are Easter and Christmas. Christmas is to celebrate Jesus Christ's birthday, Palm Sunday was when Jesus entered Jerusalem, Good Friday was when Jesus was crucified, and Easter is to celebrate when Jesus Christ rose from the dead. The worship leaders go to lead worship at a church. The worship leaders are ministers, preachers, priests, pastures, fathers, and reverends. The holy book is the Bible. In the Bible, you learn about this religion and what happened back then in the religion. A tradition is like Baptism. Baptism is the introduction to Christianity for somebody. The holy city is where Jesus was crucified. Jesus was crucified in Jerusalem. The common figure to the 3 religions in this project is the God of Abraham. Christianity is a monotheistic religion.

Project By:

Homero and Mathew

Period 5