Hayes Grier

By: Gisselle Moux

Learn about Hayes Grier!

Did you know?

Hayes Griers actual name is Benjamin Hayes Grier. His Birthday is June 8th, he was born on June 8th 2000, he is 14 years old.

How is he famous?

Hayes Grier is famous because he is a famous Viner. Vines are 6 second videos. you can do anything. The type of videos he makes are funny.

How was he introduced?

His older brother Nash Grier, age 16 was the one who made it all. Nash Grier started making vines himself, and then later on added Hayes.

What else is there of Hayes

Hayes isn't all about vines, since he is a teenager a lot of teenage girls are very crazy for him. Hayes is in a group with other famous viners, their group is called the "Magcon boys"

What else does Hayes Grier do?

Hayes Grier doesn't just make vines, he also makes YouTube videos, on some he has his brothers or his friends.
Over all Hayes Grier is a YouTuber and a Viner. A lot of girls like him! I mean who can blame them(: