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A few details on Moldovia,

parliamentary republic


oil and gas

different foods

both celebrate christmas


Moldova is in Europe. Ukraine and Romania surround it.

The land form is around 0-1,640 feet.

Some major landmarks of Moldova are the, National Museum with history of Moldova, and the Romanian people's cross of salvation.

A major Bodies of water is the Black Sea.

Moldova is the poorest country in Europe.

There are a lot of mud roads. people have things like chickens as pets. Lots of corn, and they still use horses as rides because they don't have enoff money for cars.


Moldova is an unlimited Government.

The leader in Moldova is Nicolae Timofti. He got chosen by President Election.

Some of the responsibilities of the citizens of Moldova are, They need tasks and responsibility for jobs. Also to build a professional civil way of living.


Moldova is a poor country. They use Euros.

They use mostly oil and natural gas.

Their life expectancy is about- 68 years.

Birth rate is- 1.28 children.

Literacy rate is - 90%.

Their drinking water source is from, rivers and groundwater.


Some clothing they wear are, shirts with there flag, blue jeans/ sweat pants, and flip flops/boots.

The major language they use is Romanian.

Major Holidays are Christmas, New Years, Labor Day, Victory Day, Easter, Hanuka, and Capitol Day.

A religion they have are Orthodox Christianity.

A famous dish they have is magnolia, and croissants with chocolate.


Summers are warmish, 68 degrees, winters are cold and dry, 25 degrees.

An average is 50 degrees.

Some climate changes are vital to water resources, ecosystems, energy, and transportation.


Russia acquired Moldovan Territory in 1791, and more in 1812. Turkey held the most of Moldavia, but got passed to Romania in 1918.

1924, the USSR established Moldova as an Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. During World War ll, Moldavia joined Germany in the attack on the Soviet Union.

Compare and Contrast

9.44 more people die in Moldavia sooner. 2.1 more babies in Moldavia die in infancy. 92.72% less oil in Moldavia is used. The US uses less electricity. 92.8% less money in Moldavia. Moldova is less likely to be unemployed.