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Something to Think About...

The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence--Rabindranath Tagore

Mary Rose's Schedule

Monday 2/10:

8:30 Coffee with the Principal @ Old Library

11:30 H. Huezo @ Human Resources

2:30 T. Glover

3:30 A-Team

6:00 SCPA Informational Night @ PAC

Tuesday 2/11:

9:00 D. Cabe & Counselor re: Graduation

9:45 BTS Mtg.

10:15 H. Bender & Counselor re: Master Schedule

1:00 Dept. Chair Mtg.

2:00 H. Huezo @ HR

7:00 District Dance Concert @ PAC

Wednesday 2/12:

9:00 Principal PLC @ SUH

3:00 Faculty Mtg. @ Old Library

12:00 K. Bradley & H. Bender

3:00 FAC Mtg. @ New Library

Thursday 2/13:

10:45 Post Observation Conference

Friday 2/14:

President's Day Holiday: NO SCHOOL

Spartan Events

Did you know that Rachel Coffey, Jaime Contreras, Aaron Barrera, Armando silva, Brandon Wallace, Christopher Olson, Jarrett Schmidt, Jorge Briceno, Pamela Coronel, Bannelly Urbina, Andrea Burciaga, Victor Katzenstein, Ady Maldonado, Daniel Bueno, Felix Gonzalez, Alex Wallace, Marcos Vidal, Wernher Balauro, Enrique May, and Jennifer Mencias are twenty of our students who belong to the prestigious District Honor Band? The District Honor Band is made up of the best band players from grades 7-12. These students went through an audition to win their spot, studied pieces that were given to them on their own, and then joined two rehearsals, along with the rest of the District Honor Band members, with a guest conductor. On Saturday night, the District Honor Band played to a full house at our very own Jack Tygett Performing Arts Center.

Support our students outside of the confines of the classroom! Learn what extracurricular activities they are involved in by checking out the weekly calendar placed in your mailboxes or the school calendar through Outlook. Students love seeing you at their events!

Principal's Honor Roll

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The Principal's Honor Roll Assembly, held at the Jack Tygett Performing Arts Center, was a great success! The theater was full of proud parents and students. Kudos to Jaye Leigh for coordinating the event. Georgina Bidwell did a great job with the invitations and certificates. Thank you very much to Maggie Padilla for reading the names of about 800 students whose GPA for the first semester was 3.5 or higher. Many thanks to Hilda Bender, Alain Garnica-Mendoza, and DiAnne Cabe for being at hand to congratulate all the honorees. And courtesy of the ASB, students and their parents were treated to fruit bars after the event. On a related note, check out the names of all students who are in the Principal's Honor Roll by checking out the posters Marcia Bristol put up in front of the Old Library. Special thanks to Julia Rios for printing them out.

Happy Counselors Week!

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This week, Chula Vista High School celebrates Counselors Week. We honor our counselors--Maggie Padilla, Christy Araki, Sarah Devore Crosson, Jennette Duarte, Nancy Penuelas, Monica Perez, and Ana Gabriela "Gavi" Hollins--for their ongoing work to ensure that our students reach their highest potential. It is not just planning with students their graduation pathway that they do so well. They are a strong voice in figuring out a complicated master schedule. They support the well-being of our students by making connections with community organizations, parents, and teachers. They are, by their very role, strong student advocates. Chula Vista High is fortunate to have all of you, Counselors! Thank you for all you do on behalf of students!

Walkthrough Focus

As we walk through this week (and the next several weeks), we will be looking for the following:

  • Daily Learning Target and the agenda that supports its completion: How does your DLT transform as your lessons go through the Rigor-Relevance Framework?
  • Students talking to each other using Academic Language: How do you create opportunities that allow you to find out what your students' thinking process is so you can build on their skills and/or address misconceptions?
  • Implementation of PLC plan to reteach critical skills necessary for second semester success. How are you embedding critical skills you have identified students need to better master as a result of analyzing EOC exams and Performance-Based Task results?

Faculty Meeting

Please plan to attend the Faculty Meeting at the Old Library on Wednesday, February 12, starting at 2:50. Jaye Leigh will briefly talk about the logistics of the 10th Grade CA High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE). I will update you on the WASC meeting with the classified staff and review their input. Then, we will continue to look at data related to our Student Learner Outcomes that will help us define what our critical needs are.

WASC Update

  • In our last Faculty meeting, we looked at different types of data that showed us where we were in helping our students reach their highest aspirations. By looking at these data, we hope to determine what our most critical needs are.
  • During the make-up Faculty meetings, staff looked at AYP and API data and analyzed trends.
  • During PLC time on February 3, Becky Bravo, Nicole Neeb, and I met with support staff (clerical, instructional assistants, campus assistants) to walk them through the WASC process and get their input on our Student Learner Outcomes.
  • At our next meeting, we will review data to continue defining what our most critical needs are in relation to our student learner outcomes.

Testing Update

It's more than just March Madness, it's March Testing!

  • The PE Department has started the ball rolling by administering the FitnessGram in the first week of February. All 9th and 10th graders are required to take it. In addition, upperclassmen who have not passed are also required to take it. The testing window ends on March 17.
  • The CA High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) will be administered to all 10th graders on March 18 (ELA) and March 19 (Math). As you all well know, the CAHSEE is a graduation requirement. We want our students to score more than just the passing 350--a score of 380 and above show proficiency in these subject areas.
  • The Early Assessment Program (EAP) will be administered to all 11th graders on March 18. This test provides an opportunity for juniors to measure their readiness for college level English.
  • The California Standards Test (CST) will be administered to 11th graders in English and Math and to 10th graders in EOC Science.
  • The Smarter Balanced Assessments are designed to measure student progress toward college and career readiness. These are aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The new assessments are known as the CA Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP). The window to administer the field test for Smarter Balanced will be from April 7-May 16. In a separate E-mail, I will be sending you more extensive updates on the Smarter Balanced Assessements (also fondly known as SBAC). All 11th graders will be taking the SBAC field test.
  • Take a deep breath. More specific information will follow on the administration of these exams as the time nears.

Career Pathways

Hilda Bender, the counselors--led by Maggie Padilla, and I took a long hard look at the courses we offer that lead to career pathways from information given by the Office of Curriculum. We discovered that not all of our pathways are complete because we do not offer either an introduction or concentration course that would complete the pathway. With assistance from Janette Gomez La Madrid and Ricardo Cisneros from ROP and our own Debbie Nevin from SCPA, we determined the courses we needed to offer, received approval from Curriculum, and... voila! We have six (6) complete pathways that our students can choose from: Health, Sciences & Medical Technology--Physical Therapy; Engineering and Architecture--Engineering Technology; Arts, Media & Entertainment--Design, Visual & Media Arts; Arts, Media & Entertainment--Production & Managerial Arts; Arts, Media & Entertainment--Performing Arts; Business and Finance--Business Management. Having several Programs of Study is important because the approved new high school graduation requirements not only include a-g requirements, but career pathways as well. In addition, the computation of the Academic Performance Index (API--state accountability) will include the number of career pathways and career pathways completers.

Plan are under way to create a video that further explains to students the exciting opportunities each career pathway offers. I am hoping that we can offer other programs of study, based on student interest and demand, in the future.

For the Common Good

  • TARDY SWEEPS: Thank you for your cooperation by locking your doors during the Tardy Sweeps. The assistant principals are following up and dealing with our repeat offenders, those who have outstanding detentions, and the habitually absent. Thank you very much for standing outside your doors during passing periods to help students get to class on time.
  • VANDALISM: We are close to catching the Boys Restroom vandals. Please keep your ears to the ground with regards to student talk and please let us know if you come across any information that will help us solidify our case. Your help is crucial.
  • CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Hilda and I opened dialogue and negotiated with Tom Calhoun and Karl Bradley. In turn, they negotiated with the contractors to allow all classroom renovations to begin on May 27, two weeks before the schoolyear ends. This will allow them enough time to complete all work (I am keeping my fingers crossed that no problems that will delay the renovations will arise). All asbestos abatement work for the 100 and part of the 500 building will be done and completed during the Spring Break (March 24-April 4). This will ensure that construction will begin on May 27. All classrooms in the 1300 will have to be cleared (meaning EMPTY) by the last day of school on June 6. Of course, Hilda and I will be speaking with all individuals affected by all these.

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