Relax! How To Improve Your Anxiety

Take these 8 Simple Tips To live a Healthy Stress Free Life

#1 Take a Deep Breath

Inhale Slowly to a count of four, hold it for a count of four, then release it for a count of four. This helps you relax from switching you fight to flight responses.

#2 Get Active

Just a 30-60 min walk a day will release endorphins that lead to a reduction in anxiety.

#3 Sleep Well

Not enough sleep can trigger Anxiety!

#4 Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine can exacerbate anxiety; it makes you feel amped up

#5 Take a Break

"Simple change of pace or scenery, enjoying a hobby or switching to do tasks can be refreshing"

#6 Problem Solve

Address the stressors that are causing your anxiety and make a list of some solutions to overcome some of them.

#7 Read a Book

There are tons of books out there to help you cope with anxiety and gives you helpful tips.

#8 Accept Your Anxiety

"Anxiety isn't the problem it is our attempts at controlling and eliminating it. Not accepting these unwanted inner experiences is the actual source of so much of our self-induced suffering".

By:Delaney Guimont