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There are many types of diseases that are all different in their own way. Some diseases keep you from going to work, or hanging out with your friends. But there are also diseases that might extreme pain or even worse. And typhus is on the top of the list of those diseases. In fact, I prefer the common cold over a disease like typhus, and after I'm done talking about it, you would to.

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One of many diseases caused by rickettsia is typhus. These small organisms look just like tiny bacteria that act like viruses. In humans, they damage walls and the lining of blood vessels, This will then lead to bleeding. The main symptoms of all the typhus diseases are skin rash, headaches, stupor or delirium. The patients temperature may go over 104 degrees F., it will stay that way for 4 to 3 days then will drop at a staggering rate.

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Luckily, doctors have made special treatment to counter the symptoms of the deadly diseases of typhus. Doctors use antibiotics with certain chemicals to control the diseases. Doctors also use specially made vaccines to stop typhus. To control typhus from spreading , doctors often use insecticide. Using insecticide, The patient is then dusted off, along with their clothes. The substance is used for killing off the insects that carry the disease, this will then stop the spread.


I don't know about you but after learning about typhus, a simple cold isn't looking so bad now. Luckily we know how to stop typhus and the spread of the disease. But researchers have hope that studying the typhus genome will show us why typhus is so deadly. If the researchers get far enough, they might even lead to new and improved treatment to typhus.
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