Harriet Martineau

First female sociologist


Believed in a link between slavery and the oppression of women.

More about Harriet

"Harriet Martineau authored the first systematic methodological treatise in sociology, conducted extended international comparative studies of social institutions, and translated August Comte's Cours de philosophi positive into English, thus structurally facilitating the introduction of sociology and positivism into the United States. In her youth she was a professional writer who captured the popular English mind by wrapping social scientific instruction in a series of widely read novels. In her maturity she was an astute sociological theorist, methodologist, and analyst of the first order. To the extent that any complex institutional phenomenon such as sociology can have identifiable founders, Alice Rossi (1973, 118-124) justly celebrates Harriet Martineau as 'the first woman sociologist.'" http://www2.webster.edu/~woolflm/martineau.html


Auguste Comte- Positivism

Herbet Spencer - Social Stability

Karl Marx- Class Conflict

Emile Durkheim- Mechanical and organic solidarity

Max Weber- Verstehen

Jane Addams - Women's Suffrage

W. E. B. Dubois- Racial discrimination and segregation