Poetry flyer

by Jamie Edwards

Acrostic Poem

Courage ,jumping from high places


Tabby,siamese,scottish fold

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Color Poem

Black is the color of the sky at night.

Black is the ying in the ying and yang

Black smells like the smoke of burning plastic

Black tastes like licorice jellybeans

Black sounds like the silence in a dark room

Black looks like a stray cat on Halloween

Black feels like hard obsidian

Black makes me feel like I'm alone

Black stormy clouds covering the sky

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Makes me think of

Black makes me think of night,

night makes me think of stars,

stars makes me planets,

planets make me think of circles,

make me think of clocks,

clocks make me think of midnight,

midnight makes me think of black.





dropping on your head



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Ode to Cats

Cats I love you,for being sweet

your fuzzy fur makes me warm

you help me smile

when I pet you , you purr a beautiful melody

as you play i laugh

greeting me with a meow as i walk into a house

cuddling up against me

I am not alone with you by my side


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There once a cat

with a bat

he wore pink

in the sink

and he got a back pat


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Rhyme scheme

one day i was walking

and it got very cold

i looked up and saw

the word freezer in bold


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I am a flower

growing from bud to blossom

drinking the water from the ground

greeting the insects as they land

fitting in with the other flowers

hanging on to the dirt with my roots to live

I am a flower


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snow falling to the ground

as white as an Artic fox

while I wait for spring


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My hair is straight like a blade of grass

My laugh is as loud as a lion roaring

My vision is as good as a cat

My hearing as sharp as a dog

My energy as high as the clouds

My poem is strong like the wind

I am a tall tree in a spring


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As I was walking

a giant jumping car

came hopping where I was walking

I heard it whistle

then it squished me flat

I was as thin as paper

I got up and the wind blew me away

I landed in a giant fishes mouth

swimming as fast as I could

finally i got away from it

then some aliens took me back to shore

they put some air back into me and i was no longer flat


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