By Michael Hernandez

Good or Bad?

Fracking is the process of drilling down into the ground and shooting a high pressured water mixture in an attempt to release natural gas from the rock. This has allowed the government to do something it hasn't done in a while which is also illegal ship oil to other places. This sounds good right? Well nothing can come without a price these chemicals that are in the water are leaking out to other water sources. A man is able to bring a lighter to his tap water and it will burst into flames.

The Price

Fracking also uses millions of gallons of freshwater in the mixture every well can use up to 5 MILLION gallons of fresh water. Half of the water returns... what happens to the other half? The rest stays underground later accessing water sources. About 8 states have reported surface, ground, and drinking water contamination caused by fracking.

Whats in these mixtures?