Cold War Culture

What: New products

What- Televisions began being used for political commercials. They appeared in the market place, as various industries responded to consumes demand such as electric household appliances (washing machines, dryers, blenders, freezers, and dish washers), TV, tape recorders, hi-fi record players, clothes to fit their life style, lawnmowers, grills, pools, lawn decorations, and more.

Time period- 1950's

Location- U.S.

Cause- political commershal

Reason- To make life easier.

Result- It's very popular and it help people out a lot so it made their lives easier.

Significance- Changed the way to get the word out quicker and the new products made it easier to do things.

To Whom- businesses, government

What:Auto Mobile

What- Total number of private cars on the road jumped from 40 million in 1950 to over 60 million in 1960.

Time Period-1950

Location- Around the United States

Cause- People had money to leisure items like the automobile.

Reason- Faster and easier way to get around.

Result- The automobile soon became a necessity in getting around in the 1950's.

Significance-It's the way we get around and get to travel further.

To Whom- families, businesses, government