Technology Rules For Parents

By: Gursahil Bassi

Rule #1

Do not click on things that say "YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS ITS AWESOME." There is a chance it will not be something you want to look at or it can make pop ups appear on your screen.

Rule #2

Never tell anyone your passwords for any website. If they don't like you they can hack your account on a website.

Rule #3

Do not add random people on social networking sites they can be bad people and find out all of your personal info and steal your identity.

Rule #4

What ever you post on the internet stays on the internet for ever. Even if you delete it anyone who knows what they are doing can access deleted files and information.

Rule #5

Do not make all your account passwords the same. If someone finds out one of the passwords they will know all your account passwords.

Rule #6

Do not text and drive! If you text and drive you can injure yourself and others. You could also get a ticket.

Rule #7

Never send pictures of your self to strangers. There are many risks to this including if someone wants to hurt you they try and find you from that picture and many other things could happen.

Rule #8

Never give out your address to any to ANYONE! they can find out all of your personal information from your address

Rule #10

Never respond to messages that make you uncomfortable.
Internet Safety Tips For Teens and Parents (Novus Security)

Rule #9

Never meet with someone in person that you met on the internet. They can kidnap you, or hurt you etc.