The Modern Extinction Crisis (April 27, 2016) By Brody B.

Everything's Endangered!

Its understood by many that our planet is amidst its sixth mass extinction. Its been calculated that since the rear 1800, our planets species extinction rate is up 733%. In case you don't get it, EVERYTHING'S DYING. And not just bazaar animals that nobody cares about. These are animals that people love! For example, its predicted by the way things are continuing, the TIGER, not just one random species, but the ENTIRE tiger population might go extinct in the wild by the end of 2016. And its not just tigers, 90% of are closest relatives, apes. Are endangered. Actually, were part of the ten percent that isn't. You are an ape. I am an ape. Your mom is literally an ape. Also, amphibians are the ones most effected. Since there skin and lungs are very sensitive, air and water pollution is killing them by the thousands. Extinction rate is up 30,000 times it was once thought o be. 12% of all birds are endangered. and the list goes on.


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In total, earth has had five mass extinctions, meaning that many species went extinct In a short period of time. The most popular is no doubt when the dinosaur went extinct. The most common theory is that an asteroid hit earth. But that's not the worst one. The worst is the Permian mass extinction where a whopping 96% of species went extinct. All known organism are relatives to that 4%. Again what most people think is that a set of volcanic eruptions went off and made the water shallow killing many aquatic species. Sorry for the history lesson, but hey. You learn something everyday. But the point i'm trying to get at is that all other mass extinctions have been 100% natural. Where theirs absolutely nothing that any of the animals could've done to stop it or cause it. But flash forward 65 million years and you'll find a new species running the show, one so ignorant that they don't even see themselves as animal. That kill each other for no reason, that kill other things for no reason. You, humans. 99% of endangered species are that way because of humans. The leading reasons are deforesting, which we mentioned before. Global warming (which exist no matter how many politician say it doesn't). And water pollution. These are all things that are caused by businesses, and corporations. And most of the reasons for these things are for pointless things like tooth pick, you have nails guys! Or stuff like beauty products. Its not that these things absolutely need to go. Its just that we need to stop making so much extra stuff that we actually need to throw it away. Some of the most cruel places are the ones that have embedded themselves so deep into our society. That its almost impossible to get rid of them. Like, McDonald. People know its literally killing them, people know that there treating there animals terribly. People know that half of it cant even be considered food. (Fly wont even eat it)! But people eat it, and it makes money, lots of money. And you may be thinking that if its so bad that the government would ban it, but know it makes them money to. And as long as it makes money, it will stay. No matter how many animals, koala, cows, chicken, panda, etc... That it kills.

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Its not like animals are the only ones being affected by these bad things. No, Animals are what make the world go round. Albert Einstein has be quoted as saying "If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man." And that's one animal! Imagine if all 16,000 (39% of all animals) of endangered animals went extinct. And, you may be thinking, oh but who cares about the small animals, they don't matter. Wrong, those small animals are food for bigger animals. Boom, small animals die, big animals die. Goodbye Lion. And these small animals, a lot of the time are the ones who do the most good for the habitat. You heard what Albert Einstein said about bees! And worms, worms eat decaying material, without them there would be too many leaves, and dead plants and other things. Too many leaves, no grass. No grass no bugs no bees and no bees is death. Boom, knowledge bomb. And these small animals are important for many other things. Like eating lake bacteria. No small animals, infected lake, infected lake infected humans. Infected humans infected farm animals, infected mosquito, more infected human, apocalypse. My point is, every animal. no matter how small it is, has its own natural role someway or another. And without them, or nature, we'd all be dead. And humans are trying there hardest to die. Especially now. no reason to kill that spider in your home, he kills the infected mosquito, humans kill so many more spiders in a day. that spiders kill humans in a month. Same with just about every other apex animal that's a "killer." You think if a shark swims up to a boat, that the shark will kill everybody? No, it might accidentally bite someone at worst, then be like, "oh, no. Sorry, didn't mean to be, Ugh-!" Dead, speared by a human. 100 million sharks are killed by human each year. 4 humans are killed each year. No sharks, too many fish, too many fish makes too much bacteria which infects the mosquitoes. And that is bad.


You may be thinking at this point, "i'm a terrible person, i should go kill every human and save the world. Please don't do that. There are many other ways to help, here are a few:

  • Spay and neuter your animals to prevent over population.
  • Don't litter. Not only will everybody silently judge you, but they will also infect you when the mosquito apocalypse starts.
  • Volunteer at shelters instead of sitting on your phone in your free time. Your guaranteed to get three times the likes and views if you post a selfie with a litter of kittens then of your duck lips.
  • Try not to eat a lot of meat. It doesn't matter where it comes from. Those animals are raised from day one to be slaughtered. Like the hunger games, but more animal. You can eat greens to get the same amount of protein.*
  • Try not to eat meat that's from big company or fast food restaurants. They mistreat there animals and give them drugs. (Not the good medical ones). It may be expensive, but you'll use the money you save from not eating as much.
  • Don't get an animal that you cant take care of. This kind of thing is just plain stupid. We get it, you want to save an animal, but if you cant take care of it, then its just going to feel more pain when you let it go. A better way to help would be to volunteer!
  • Try to use company's that don't use palm oil. Palm oil is the main cause for deforestation. Visit here for more info


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