Women's Rights Convention

By Akim S. Ferguson

Why Do We Deserve Rights?

At This Meeting, We Will Be Discussing Solutions and ideas that can help women in our country, earn rights that we deserved. We as women work just as hard as men and receive less than half the pay or no pay at all. Also, we carry the children of this world, so we deserve more respect than we get. Our goal is to convince the leaders of our nation that we are important to world, without us, there wouldn't be a world

Women's Rights Convection

Wednesday, April 30th, 8pm

Seneca Falls, NY, United States

Seneca Falls, NY


8:00PM - Everyone Gets Settled and Begin Convection

8:30PM - Start Collecting Ideas And Solutions

9:15PM - Get All Acquisitions and Ideas Approved By All Members

9:30 - 10:00PM - Closing Statements and Leave