My 2014-2015 School Year

The year I gained new knowledge

Changes in the years

In this year I had always thought that school was a boring place where you had to sit in a room and take notes, but now I feel different about these thoughts. I enjoy school and I enjoy learning new things. Some other things that changed through the year was my interest in things and how I spend my free time. My interest in things have changed because I read more often than usual. I spend my free time on studying and doing home work.
Genius Hour
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This school changed me into a video gamer into a person who studies for a test. This affected me because I have good grades and want to study harder. I wished that I had better scores on tests on different subjects. I was happy that I got all The nice and funny teachers at the school. Now I am ready to go to 8th grade and get to know other teachers. Next year I want to have a great time at school.