Ways I can Help

biography :)

I'm Amanda, 17 years old. I live in Neah Bay, Washington. I like being outside on sunny days so working outside is the greatest. I love kids (have one too) because they are so much fun to be around. I am very organized so things will never get lost either. I like doing fun activities, so I fill myself with fun ideas to do all the time.


I have many experiences on lots of categories; I have experience in wood cutting, experience with children, and much more. I am against littering so something I can contribute is cleaning up the community sidewalk so our community looks nice and clean. I could also work as a volunteer at the local childcare to help with the children there. Another thing that I can do is chop wood for the elders so they have wood for their fires. Working with the school as a tutor for students who need additional help would be something I would be interested in as well. One other way I can help my community is to sponser a food drive for people in need of help of food.
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