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September 17, 2013

Information - Scheduling - and Travel: Oh My!

A few notes for all of you before I head off to the ACA Directors meeting.

Customized Information Literacy Module from Literati

It is here! The module that the folks at Literati have been working on for us is up on our page. You can look at here, or find it on the Literati Home Page about 1/2 way down by clicking on "What Is Information Literacy"

In fact, that will be your homework for this week! :-) I understand that at the end of it you can print off a certificate. That sounds like a good plan. And, you will know what it is all about so that you can share it with students and faculty if asked!

Scheduling Change

In order to smooth out some scheduling and coverage, we will be making an evening change beginning Monday (the 23rd).

  • Beth will be working on Mondays from Noon-8:00
  • Jen will be working on Tuesdays from Noon-8:00
  • The rest of you will keep your nights of choice
  • Carol Bowman will be filling in as needed

This should give us some consistent coverage during the days - especially on Mondays.

One other scheduling note:

If you write yourself off on the calendar at the desk, and there are already multiple people listed as being off, please check with Carol B. or me to make sure that coverage has been arranged. Thanks!

Comings and Goings

  • This week Beth and Sue will be working on Sunday
  • On Monday Carol Bowman will be going to NASA!! She and Tracie Delaney from Physics will be driving up to get some great books that they are donating to us. It is not true that they will be sent into orbit. (At least, that is my understanding).
  • I will be traveling tomorrow on the way to the ACA Directors meeting. I always enjoy these meetings, learn a lot, and am excited to come home to WVWC. The other directors sometimes tell horror stories! I will be checking emails all along to keep up with the news from home.
  • Thanks for all that you do!!!!!!!

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