Persuading anybody into Football

You should dig into Football

You should

People you should play football, because in High School, College, and in the Professional league you can tackle and score and win games in all beginning points.

You can help others.

Using Habit 6

Do you know what the habit 6 is? Well I do, how to win games, you can't just win by your self, you have to get help from your team so you can synergize and win the game.

Getting Famous

You can get famous by going to the NFL and have some one take a photo of you an they can edit your picture like Justin Houston KC Chiefs starting Outside Linebacker getting his pic edited.

Going to College

Did you know when you get out of high school you have to go to College. My dream college is to go to the University of Missouri to play football. But when you get out of college then you can get the chance to play in the NFL

Some of the Rules in Football

The rules in football you ready

  • You can't lead and tackle with your helmet to their body to their helmet
  • You can't run out of bounds then get back in bounds and catch the ball
  • You can't grab the face mask than tackle them by their face mask

High School Football

In High School football instead of the Super Bowl or the College Football championship and with one team winning it all out of the country. In High School football one team in each state can win the championship and their can be several teams can win district in a state but one team in each stead can win state. State is where the 2 best teams in the state can go head to head and one team can be the best in the state.