Coral Reef

By: Rachel Johnson


Coral reefs are found in beautiful tropical oceans. Since they need sunlight, coral reefs are not at the very bottom of the ocean. There are three types of reefs that you can find all over the world.


The temperature of the water must be 68 to 82ºF to thrive. Believe it or not, coral reefs need calcium which is found in shallow warm waters.


Different types of fish live in different parts of the reef. Fish that live in the colorful part of the reef are vibrant in color to blend in. Fish that live at the bottom, are not colorful to blend in with the sand.
Fish are adapted to the temperature of the water. They like different temperatures than we do. To us, 90º F is warm water. But for fish, they like it at 62ºF and below 80ºF.


Coral reefs are open to the whole ocean, so coral reefs are always adapting to new surroundings. Sea grasses live in coral reefs and provide nutrients to the coral. Coral reefs provide shelter and protection to fish.


The coral reef removes and recycles Carbon Dioxide. It also provides a home for the fish. The fish protects the coral reefs from predators.

Food Web

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If A Seal Was Added To Where The Shark Is Eating it...

Seals are very fatty which the sharks like. It provides a lot of energy for the shark. Therefor, the shark would get fuller faster, and not need to eat as much fish. There are many other spieces that eat the fish, but the sharks probably eat the most. The fish popluation could overpopulate if sharks stopped eating so much of the fish.

If Sharks Were Removed..

If sharks were removed, then the fish popluation would probably get over popluated because sharks eat so much fish.

Ecological pyramid

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