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February 5, 2016

Important Dates:

  • Parent Teacher Conferences Begin Next Week! Use TEESO To Sign Up! (CLICK HERE)
  • Please Complete The Pre-Conference Survey By Monday Feb. 8th! (CLICK HERE)

Forest Glen's GRAND EVENT!

Wednesday, Feb. 10th, 7:30am

1935 Cardinal Lane

Suamico, WI

GRAND Event stands for anyone special in your child's life including: G - Grandparents, R - Relatives, A - Anyone special, N - Neighbors and D - Domestic Caregivers. Come in and shop for some great books and enjoy some yummy breakfast treats, coffee and juice! Contact the school office to know you will be attending 662-7958.

This Week In Review

Once again, it's been a busy week in 4th grade! This week in science, we started learning about our nervous system and how it's the control center for out body! We started with the brain and are investigating how our brain helps us to survive. In our persuasive writing, we've identified our thesis statements, reasons and today, identified the audience that we're trying to convince! (You should see some of these ideas!) This week you should have also seen your child's unit 4 math test come home. We are now on to our measurement unit! We will be learning how to convert measurements in both the metric and customary systems. Our reading mini-lessons this week were focused on VORACIOUS reading! Your children were reminded how important it is to read A LOT - A LOT - A LOT to become a better reader! We also practiced this love of reading by showing our kindergarten friends how much FUN reading can be! (See pictures below!)

Even though your child spent a lot of time learning this week we also had a ton of fun! Miss Dorvinen taught the students a cool valentine craft that required attention to detail and effort. (You'll see these at conferences!) We also enjoyed a tailgate party today for achieving our classroom goals of transitioning and being on task!

Thank you for another great week in 4th grade!

Team ZavTop!

Mrs. Erica Kentop

Mrs. Megan Zavernik

4th Grade Teachers

Forest Glen Elementary