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Oct 30 - Nov 3, 2017

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from J-

I'm hearing stories about Parent Teacher Conferences - always great stuff. Thank you your work in making these connections happen. When you meet the parents, do you have a greater understanding of the students? Going beyond you have an increased empathy for the students? I remember a few times where, after working to build and maintain relationships with some specific parents, who are giving us the best kiddo they could, that I gave greater grace and forgiveness to the student :) .

The best part, and I mean the very best part of what I get to do is visit with you and experience the magic that is happening at your schools and in your classrooms. Of the last dozen visits, I've been impressed with the focused discussions around our elementary focus. I so appreciate the the intentionallity you are driving around this work.

One concept Edgar Schein shared is the Leadership & Culture are two sides of the same coin. You know and live this every day, and our learning together at the kickoff with Joe Sanfelippo was part of that: every interaction you have builds or destroys your school culture. That coin that you have in your pocket is invaluable.

I want to ensure you have a second coin to your pocket, and this is related to our work and charge of students reaching levels of competency, specifically in core subjects. I'll simply call this the CC coin. On one side is your Care for kids (you can include your staff on this). The second side is the requirement of Competency: to see them learn, grow and achieve at basic level. I believe we are pretty solid on the first, and want to explore the second a bit: your commitment and purpose to see your students succeed. Do you love your students enough that you (and teachers) are committed to them being minimally proficient with the foundational skills? Are we committed to them being able to read, write, do math, and get along with others so they won't struggle going forward?

Thanks for reflecting on this. I believe it can be done through a combination of being passionate, being intentional, and being persistent.

Have an amazing week!

Principals & Kiddos!

from Bret-

Shelia and I met with Travis Shaw and Shawn Dilday last Thursday to go through the capital projects requests for 2018/2019. In sum, there were about 19 million dollars in requests from schools. We worked through the requests using three guiding principles:

1. Prioritize projects that directly impact student learning.

2. Prioritize projects that directly involve student safety.

3. Ensure each school gets at least one capital project approved.

This process will move to the Cabinet level.

Additionally, School Dude is now programmed to provide monthly updates on capital projects work orders. These updates do not include general maintenance work orders. For questions about this, contact Shawn directly.

Here is the Learning Coach agenda for November.

The Explore team met on Wednesday and discussed site selection. If you have questions about this, call me.

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