Types of Mining and Fracking

Lindsay McCoy, Ashton Theriault, Kira Thrower

Types of mining

Subsurface mining- the separation of minerals and metals from underground

Surface- a method of separating minerals near the surface of the Earth

Differences between the two types of mining


  • Safer and easier
  • Creates more damage to the surface ecosystems
  • Creates a mess


  • Not as much of widespread damage
  • Difficult to dig and expensive as well
  • Very dangerous conditions that includes collapses, released gases, particulates in the air, low oxygen and heat


Fracking is the drilling and interject chemicals and hot water into the earth. We drill down far trying to drill into rocks trying to get natural gas (fossil fuel) out of them. The effects on the environment 1-8 Million gallons of water to complete one job of fracking. 40,000 gallons of chemicals are used to complete one job of fracking also. Methane also are 17 times higher in drinking water wells near fracking sites.
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Strip Mining

Strip mining is when you mine a seam of minerals.

Effects-Its destroys our lands,When it rains it takes the loose soil and puts in rivers and it hurts fish, There is a risk of increase of chemical contamination,cause noise pollution and dust pollution.

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Open Pit

Taking out rock or minerals from earth form a open pit

Effects-Open pit mining exposed radioactive elements and metallic dust.

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Mountain top remove

Its a new type of mining it began sometime in the 1970

Effects Flooding,Blasting,sludge dam
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A shaft travels down towards the material to get it



means a near-horizontal passageway

Effects-removing a whole layer