Mother of the year

Vote for my mom come on, you know you want to.

I bet you wish that you had a mom that is awesome,generous and giving.

My Mom is Awesome,generous and giving and deserves to be mother of the year because my Mom is generous because she paid 383$ at the last second for me to go to kids camp and on the last day of kids camp we got to got to go to Water ville. My mom loves me because one time I almost drowned but then she saved me. My mom loves me because she fixes me my favorite kind of food all the time. She will do whatever it takes to keep me safe. She loves me so much she doesn't care if she has to jump in front of a bullet! My mom is giving because she buys me things. My mom loves me because she lets me play baseball and she gives me hugs and kisses. My mom loves me so much she gives me food water shelter and a place to sleep.