Final Festival-Final Exam

By : Lauren Burns

Main Entree

Things that I would want to look for in my new home or country are a house that has at least 3-5 bedroom and nice grass and it isn't just dirt and streets and just people walking around. Also I would like nice stores and groceries stores to shop at. It would be kind of hard for me to move to another country because I have all my friends here and i wouldn't want to move away from then, also I have lived in Texas my whole life and in the same city so it would be hard just to leave my city.

I think that if we are moving somewhere then we should to go to China. I think we should go to China because there are some great jobs that are in China like project manger, technician, inspector, there are all great jobs.There are great houses for my family and my hamster and dog. There are houses. Some are kind old but some are also good it just depends on witch house you choose. This is why I think that if we need to move anywhere the we should move to China.