Solar System Exploration

Meg Gason

Pre 1900: Nicholaus Copernicus

About Nicholaus Copernicus

Nicholaus Copernicus was born on the 19th Feburary 1475 and died on the 24th May 1543 at age 70. He was born in Torun Polland and died in Frombark Polland. Nicholaus was Polish.


Nicholaus Copernicus was a Mathemation and a Astronomer.

Main Discoveries

Nicholaus Copernicus discovered that the sun was in the middle of our solar system instead of Earth in the 1500's.

Technologies Used

He disovered this with the helicentric model although this modle wasn't completly corret it made a strong fountation for the future scientists to start to improve mankinds understanding of the way of our solar system. Other astromers built on Nicholaus's work and proved the our planet is just one world orbiting around one star.

Contributions to Knowledge

Since Nicholaus Copernicus discovered that the sun is in the middle we have learnt more about space. Also now we know that we aren't the only planet orbiting around the sun.

Post 1900: NASA Mars Rovers Curiosity And Opportunity

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About The NASA Mars Rovers

The Mars Rover lauched from Florida on July 7 2003 and landed on Mars Janurary 24th 2004. They have named the rover Curiosity.Curiosity and Opportunity are probes that were sent to Mars.


The Mars Rover's goals are:

1 attempt to find life on Mars

2 see what the climate is like on Mars

3 find what geology is on Mars

4 prepare for human exploration on Mars

Technologies Used

The Mars Rovers are using cameras to take pictures of samples of things on Mars. It also has a laser.


The Mars Rovers Curiosity and Opportunity has found lots of examples of rocks also Curiosity has foung Cape York and Botany Bay some places they have named on Mars.

Additional Information

Opportunity is heading for a crater. The NASA Mars Rover has less than 800 meters to finish a 2 kilometer dash from one crater rim segment where it has worked since the middle of 2011 to another also it will stay here for the Marian winter.

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