Mrs. Carlson's Newsletter

Friday, February 7, 2014

IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM SUPERINTENDENT- school closing early on Monday 12:20!

Due to traffic. Impacts of the Presidential visit Monday afternoon, we will be announcing today that all Albemarle schools will close two hours early. We believe after school and evening activities can continue. It appears that we should not to close offices early. Principals can make decisions about school based after school activities but community use will not be canceled.

Box Tops

Box Tops: We are having an ALL-school promotion for our last Box Tops collection of the year. If we beat last year's final collection amount of $1600 the WHOLE SCHOOL will get a popcorn party and the top two lower (K-2) and top two upper (3-5) classes will get an EXTRA 30 MINUTE RECESS!!!! Translation: we need to collect over 3,500 Box Tops (or more) by Feb. 17. Start clipping and take advantage of the current Bonus Program.

School-wide composting will now be done at lunch every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Send me an email if you would like for your child to opt out.

Important Dates

Feb. 10th - 100th Day of School Celebration

Feb. 10th-13th - Leadership Selling "Friendship Grams"

Feb. 12th - Jump Rope for Heart

Feb. 14th- class Valentine's Day party

Feb.15th - Girls Geek Day - (1 to 4 pm)

Feb. 17th - No School for Students "Professional Development Day"

Feb. 19th - "Make Up Day" for Jump Rope for Heart if needed

Feb. 21st - Sock Hop (6:00-8:00 pm)

March 6th - Girls' Night Out (6:00-8:00 pm)

March 10th - Crozet Photography Club Photo Exhibit (6:30 to 7:30 pm)

March 10th-21st - Leadership Club hosting "Pennies for Patients"

March 14 - PTO Variety Show

March 19th - Kindergarten Registration for 2014-2015

March 19 - 23 - Festival of the Book - Family Fun -

March 20th - Community Night

March 28th - No School for Students "Green Work Day"

March 31st-April 4th - "Spring Break" No School

Holiday & Event Info

100th Day of School on Monday! 2/10/14

On or before the 100th day, all children are to bring the 100 items to school in a non-see-through bag (like a brown paper bag) to keep the collection a secret! Please have your child write three clues about his/her collection to help the class identify the contents. Please do not buy anything new; you could bring in something as simple as 100 cotton balls or tissues.

For example:

I am shaped like the letter ‘C’.

I am soft when you cook me in water.

I taste great with cheese.

What am I? (Macaroni)

Valentine's Day party on Friday! 2/14/14

We will exchange valentines at our small class party on Friday. The valentines can be homemade or store-bought. There are 19 students in our class: Isabella, Grace, Lucy, Madelyn, Ashley, Tatiana, Willa, Nathan, Summer, Jacob, Liam, Christine, William, Jazmine, Andy, Daniel, Gabe, Mason, Chase.

Please send me a note or email if you need assistance getting your child valentines.

Reports from around the school....

School Counselor Corner with Mrs. Joyner

What an exciting second quarter we have had! In guidance kindergarten and first grade students have been learning about the difference between tattling and reporting and how to be a problem solver.

Clinic Notes from Nurse Hajek

The Crozet Clinic has been busy with colds,coughs and stomachaches. We have also had a few confirmed cases of the flu. I want to remind everybody of the ACPS policy on when to keep children home. 1. If your child has had a fever of 100 degrees or higher within the past 24 Hrs. Children should be free of fever for a continuous 24 hrs. before returning to school without the use of medications such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. 2. Vomiting,diarrhea the night before or in the morning before going to school. 3. Nasal drainage requiring constant wiping and blowing, and continuous coughing throughout the day or night. Children who come to school sick are not productive learners, and can spread the illness to classmates and teachers. Thank you for all of your help in keeping Crozet a healthy place to learn. Please call if I can be of any assistance.

From Ms. Crummie

In preparation of the upcoming new school year 2014-15, our teachers and staff will soon begin looking at staffing, enrollment and class placements. Parent requests for class placements are due by March 27 to Mrs. Crummie via email or letter. These requests will be considered but not guaranteed. Stay informed about the latest school division funding request from our Superintendent at Our projected school enrollment for 2014-15 is 328. Our current school enrollment is 332. Once again we appreciate the parent/community support and volunteer hours at Crozet and our amazing PTO.

We went totally paperless on Wednesday! We also skyped with our 5th grade book buddies and took a virtual field trip to the Hershey's Chocolate Factory!