Ernest Hemingway

By: Alldyn Schroeder

"Courage is grace under pressure" -Ernest Hemingway

Interesting Facts

  • He wanted to fight in World War I, but was denied due to his bad eye sight. However, he convinced the military to make him an ambulance driver.
  • During his life, Hemingway survived exposure to anthrax, malaria, skin cancer, and pneumonia. He lived through diabetes, two plane crashes, a ruptured kidney, hepatitis, a ruptured spleen, a fractured skull, and a crushed vertebra
  • Ernest killed himself with his favorite shotgun, purchased from Abercrombie & Fitch.
  • He ran away from home twice
  • As a young boy, Ernest Hemingway was dressed in girls’ clothing by his mother and referred to as ‘Ernestine’. This was part of an effort by his mother to raise him and his sister as twins

Interesting Facts contd.

  • In Key West, Florida, there’s an annual Ernest Hemingway Lookalike Contest.
  • He was a failed KGB spy.
  • He was known to use a machine gun on sharks to stop them eating his catch.
  • In 1938 he set a world record by catching seven marlin in one day.
  • Ernest Hemingway was charged with war crimes under the Geneva Convention when he took command and led of a group of French soliders into battle against the Nazis.

Interesting Facts contd.

  • He was an avid outdoorsman
  • In the Florida Keys, there are a lot of 6-toed cats, because Ernest Hemingway’s 6-toed cat had a lot of babies with different female cats.

  • Hemingway’s brother founded a nation off the coast of Jamaica that consisted of a raft and 7 citizens. It had currency, postage, and a constitution.

  • As a young student Ernest Hemingway participated in many sports arenas including track and field, football, boxing and water polo.

  • He had 4 spouses over the course of his life

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Interesting Facts contd.

  • He won the noble prize in literature in 1954
  • An early role model for the young Ernest Hemingway was the sports journalist Ring Lardner.
  • He won the Pulitzer prize for fiction in 1953 for The Old Man and the Sea
  • He won the bronze star medal in 1947
  • His father wanted him to become a doctor and his mom wanted him to develop an interest in music