Japanese 1 - Lesson 7

Week of 10/12 - 10/16

Mid Term Exam Opens 10/19

  • Your Mid Term Exam opens on Monday, October 19th.
  • The exam covers lesson material from lesson 1 - 7.
  • The exam consists of 3 parts.
  • All 3 parts must be completed no later than 11:59PM on Thursday, October 22nd.

Your coach will help you prepare for the exam next week. Remember to attend both coaching sessions this week and next week.

You can make up any missed coaching session with any coach, at any time. Check the Coaching Schedule below if you need to make up a missed session.

Japanese 1 Coaching Schedule

Click the link above to access the Japanese 1 Coaching Schedule. Find your name on the schedule and write down your coach's name and what time/day you have coaching. Keep this info with you!

Items Due This Week:

The assignments listed below are deliverable items to be submitted by the end of the day they are due.

Tuesday: Lesson 7 Writing Assignment

Wednesday: Lesson 7 Cultural Discussion

Thursday: Lesson 7 Speaking Assignment

Friday: Lesson 7 Quiz

Also due: Attend 2 language coaching sessions this week.

Click Here for the Due Date Calendar

The Due Date Calendar lists all assignments for the course and when they are due. If you have not already printed a copy - please do so and post it somewhere you see it every day to make sure you are keeping up with your assignments.

Start Module 3, Lesson 7

We start a new Module this week! The next 3 lessons in our course focus on the home (いえ で)

From the left hand toolbar, navigate to Course Modules > Module 3 > M3.L7. Lesson 7: The different parts of the home: うち の いろいろ な ぶぶん

You will want to visit the following links under Lesson 7:

  • Overview
  • Grammar Notes
  • Vocabulary
  • Video, Audio, Japanese Text, English Translation

Take your time to carefully review the material. I recommend watching the video several times today and pausing after each line to repeat what was previously said aloud so you can practice your pronunciation.

Lesson 7 Vocabulary Flashcards

Use these flashcards with the lesson 7 vocabulary words to help you learn this week's vocabulary. Click on the audio portion to hear how each word is pronounced.

Linguafolio Assignments

Many students have not submitted their Module 1 and Module 2 Linguafolio Assignments yet. These assignments are now overdue!

If you have not submitted these yet, watch the video below that explains how to do them.

9 Week Grades Coming Soon

Your first 9 week grades will be submitted after the mid term exam.

The last day to submit assignments before the first 9 week grades will be reported will be Friday, October 23.

Any assignments recorded as a 0 need to be completed and submitted ASAP for grades. Please check your grades this week to make sure you don't have any overdue work or missed language coaching sessions.

If you look at your grades and see any low scores, it could be because of a problem with your submission. Check your feedback and see what went wrong or what you need to fix.

Watch the video below that explains how to check your grades and feedback if you don't know how to do this.

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NCVPS offers a FREE peer tutoring center for all students of Japanese 1 to receive some extra help or practice with the course material. Click the button above to access it and log in with your NCVPS ID and password.

Weekend Ninjas!

Congratulations to all students listed below who submitted assignments over the weekend:

Grace E., Jamie L., Daniel J., Marques S., Gage T., Morgan R., Sarah M., Tony W., Ethan Y., Alexis S., John G., Abigail N.

Please keep the submissions rolling in so I can grade them.


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