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This Convergence Conversation Features Terri McCrae speaking on the enormous impact of praying moms.

How can we help this rising generation impact their own generation for good?

As parents and community members, unified prayer is a powerful weapon and tool for empowering children to impact their own generation for good. Our aim needs to be to help the generations that follow us to develop character, integrity, and a solid faith in God so that they are empowered to impact their world.

Who is Terri McCrae?

For over 20 years, Terri McCrae has been a member of Moms in Prayer International whose mission is to impact children and schools worldwide for Christ by gathering mothers to pray. Terri's fundamental belief that God hears and responds to our heartfelt prayers has propelled her to pray individually and in various groups throughout her life. She has served in leadership positions for Moms in Prayer locally and has shared the message of the power of prayer at several Moms in Prayer conferences in Eastern Africa.

Sponsored by SacramentoPRAYS

SacramentoPRAYS was formed out of the prayer group that came together to support and pray for the 2012 Luis Palau Sacramento Festival. The express purpose of forming SacramentoPRAYS was to continue to unify, strengthen, and encourage believers to pray in and for the Sacramento Region. Since that time, SacramentoPRAYS has continued to identify and bring together existing prayer ministries, and has developed three key elements to sustain and grow prayer relationships and activity.

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